Dongguan Tianniu Plastic Material Co., Ltdfounded in 1996 by Mr. Niu Xiantuan, the current general manager, is now located in Dajingjiu Plastic City, the plastic base of South China. It is a joint-stock company engaged in import and export trade of plastic materials, well-known domestic and foreign brand agents, R&D and investment of self-modified engineering plastics. The company acts as the agent of the brand of plastic raw materials: Sinopec series products. Guolanxing series products; China Nantong Star synthetic material polyester series products; Sichuan Huayuan glass fiber series products; Yueyang Petrochemical series products; Baling Petrochemical series products; Japanese Emperor (China) PC series products; LG Yongxing series products.

Modified plastics R&D base (Dongguan Tianniu Science and Technology Research Center, Guangdong Province). In the 20 years of research on modified special plastics, we have been constantly innovating and exploring, summing up our experience and developing new high-performance materials. We can produce all kinds of special materials according to the customer's requirements and provide comprehensive service to customers.

  • Longhorn Corporation Meeting

    In 2009, Tianniu Company completed sales of 2 billion yuan, Niu always made a speech at the meeting! Thank you for the trust and support of friends fr...

Product Name Brand name Manufactor Price Stock Place of delivery Cumulants operation
PA6 JG28300 湖南金帛化纖 18000.00 60 Dongguan 10 Buy
Product Name Characteristic purpose Price
ABS/Taiwan Taiwan/AG15A1 True colors Enhanced Flame Retardant/Toughening Electrical components 9888.00 Buy

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